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Anxiety Counseling

Do you feel constantly overwhelmed? Like you are just drowning in to-do lists that never seem to end? 

Are you a parent who feels overrun by the responsibilities of managing a household, taking care care of the kids, and maintaining a career? Do you feel like you are running ragged all the time, and being pulled in so many directions, that you're just completely drained. 


Have you been easily agitated, annoyed, or have little patience and tolerance for other people?

Do you worry about things that have yet to happen or mull over all the ways something could go wrong?


Perhaps you experience extreme discomfort in social situations, and this experience of social anxiety is crippling and you're ready to be free from the symptoms of anxiety that have plagued you. 

When Anxiety is present,  you may notice your quality of sleep declining and feel like you're on edge all the time. Constantly feeling tense, you have trouble relaxing and really enjoying time with those you love. Your ability to find joy and satisfaction in everyday things is barely present, if at all. You may be on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs or feeling you're not doing enough or maybe even doing way too much. You may feel isolated, alone and stuck.

I can help. Let's get you to feeling like yourself again. Take the first step to start relating to Anxiety differently. Through our sessions, you can being to feel confident, and unbound by time so that you can truly enjoy each moment of your lived experience.

Check out my blog post here about the power of our breath and how it can calm anxiety.

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