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Romantic Couple

Life Transitions

Are you a recent empty nester grieving the absence of your child from your home? Or perhaps you're a new parent, learning to adjust to this new role?

Have you recently experienced a change in your relationship or work status? Divorce, Separation, Break-Up, Retirement, Career Changes are all huge life events that can cause emotional turmoil.

Have you recently re-located and are struggling to adjust to your new surroundings? Perhaps it's your first time away from family, from home? Feeling a little depressed, maybe even questioning, did I make the right move? Adapting to a new culture, a new city,  adapting to college life can feel very overwhelming and daunting regardless of how much you've tried to mentally prepare.

Change is hard. It's tough to accept sometimes. We feel overcome by our emotions and thoughts and it's hard to see the "light ahead of the tunnel". You don't have to experience change alone, feeling uncertain of the future.  Receiving counseling through a life transition can help you cope with natural life experiences and events. Retirement counseling, coping with empty nest syndrome, a mid life crisis, career change counseling, break up counseling, new parent coaching, these are some of areas of I am passionate about helping people with (I've been there too).


I can show you how to accept change, perhaps shifting your perspective and seeing these events in a different light. Imagine being able to notice  and appreciate the beauty in Change and finding meaning and joy once again.

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