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My Offerings

Yoga Therapy

Have you been searching for an integrative and holistic approach to self discovery and healing? Feeling stuck and or in a rut even though most things in your life seem to be going well? Perhaps, you’ve been unsettled with a recent life transition or challenged with lingering limiting beliefs. Or are you struggling to find balance between mind, body and spirit?


The longing for fulfillment in areas that we can’t seem to identify can leave us feeling empty or lost. Feeling this way is not uncommon and we may question our purpose in life and feel like we’re lacking, incomplete, disconnected, bound by time or even limited. You may have thought about going to therapy but are apprehensive about the vulnerability of sharing what you don’t believe to be a mental health issue. Maybe you’ve already tried traditional talk therapy, but did not find the answers you were hoping for.  Well, I’m here to offer you an alternative through yoga

Individual Therapy for Anxiety and Stress in Lake Mary, Florida

Anxiety, feelings of stress and burnout are natural response to living life. Coping with a difficult life transition can be tricky to navigate alone as is coping with feelings of emotional overwhelm. There is no shame in seeking extra support. You may find the notion of getting treatment for anxiety or seeking therapy for stress intimidating and feel apprehensive about the process. What if you saw therapy as an opportunity for skill building? Learning new ways to help you make it through life and its obstacles using tools that can help you through your darkest of times.  

Therapy should not be a long drawn out process. My focus during individual therapy is on narrowing down to the roots of the stories that have evolved about ourselves and identifying what is keeping my clients from actualizing their potential. Once that's out in the open, we zero in our focus and work on that. My goal is for you to end therapy with confidence that you can handle almost anything. A check-in or tune-up session once in awhile can help to make sure you are where you want to be and that no potholes have opened up to throw you off course.

Walk and Talk Therapy in Longwood, Florida

Walk and Talk therapy is a wonderful alternative to sitting in an office or behind a screen for therapy. It is an opportunity to get outside, move your body, feel grounded in nature and have therapy at the same time.  Walk and Talk therapy may be a suitable option for you if you prefer being outside and moving as we talk or if you rather engage in a more casual approach. Walking together side by side without direct eye contact can help alleviate any awkwardness or tension you may have especially when you have difficult things to share.  The benefits of physical movement and being outside in nature can help increase your sense of overall wellbeing, alleviating anxiety, depression and stress.

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