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Walk and Talk Therapy

Take your therapy session outside of the therapy office. Enjoy a walk outdoors while sharing, exploring and processing as you would during a typical in person therapy session.


Walk and talk is a wonderful alternative to sitting across from one another in the office. It gives us a much more casual approach to individual therapy, making it easier for you to discuss your feelings and thoughts. With the added benefits of breathing in fresh air,  being in nature and physical movement you will receive a fully integrative therapeutic experiencealleviating anxiety, stress and depression and improving your overall sense of well-being.

Walk and Talk Therapy in Seminole County

Who this is for

  • Anyone who is looking for an alternative to in office or virtual therapy.​

  • Anyone comfortable with walking and talking.

  • Anyone who seeks general support in a casual environment.


The Logistics


  • During the hotter months, walk and talk is available only between 7am - 8:30am when the sun is more forgiving and temperatures are a little more tolerable.

  • Duration of a walk and talk session vary between 45 min to 60min.  

  • Weather permitting.

    • I will check the weather forecast the morning before our session. If it indicates rain, thunderstorms or other inclement or unsafe conditions, I will send you a text so you can choose to either meet in the office, have a virtual session or reschedule for another day.

    • Given that Florida weather can be unpredictable, if weather conditions the day of our session are not looking favorable, you will have the option to either meet in the office or virtually.

    • Any cancellations or no shows less than 24 hours notice will be charged the late cancellation fee, except for emergencies that must be communicated to me before our session.

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and dress appropriately for the weather.

  • Use sunscreen and bring a bottle of water with you.


The Process


  • You set the pace that we will walk but keep in mind that walk and talk therapy is not intended to be an exercise program.

  • We may take breaks to pause and reflect in silence, practice deep breathing exercises or sit in a guided meditation.

  • We may also do some mindful walking to channel your ability to be present in the moment.

  • Keep in mind you always have the option to stop and take a break anytime you need to.

Insurance Coverage

  • Insurance benefits

    • Walk and talk sessions billed through insurance must start and end at the office. We will take our walk around the area.

  • Self Pay

    • We will meet either at the office or at an agreed upon location at the scheduled time. We can meet at any trailhead off the Seminole Wekiva trail or at Cranes Roost Park by the Bell tower. 

Other Items to Note

  • Confidentiality

    • If we come into contact with a person that you know, you have the right to disclose or not to disclose that you are in a therapy session. I will follow your lead should you come into contact with a person you know and I will make every effort to preserve confidentiality and privacy while conducting  your walk/talk therapy session. 

    • If I should come into contact with a person I know, I will not acknowledge you as a client to preserve confidentiality. 

  • Health and Safety

    • Before participating in walk and talk therapy, you should have no known health problems or medical conditions which could in any way limit your ability to walk and talk.​


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